Specification and Tools 

TWAIN 2.3 Specification

The Specification describes the interface between an Application and a TWAIN driver. The Errata document identifies problems that may be addressed in the next release. The Features document provides an overview of items that are new to the current TWAIN Specification. The TWAIN.H file is a C/C++ header file used by Application and TWAIN driver developers. The Data Source Manager is the shared library an application uses to find and communicate with TWAIN drivers. The Sample Data Source and Application provide seed code that TWAIN developers may use to start their own projects.

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TWAIN Data Source Manager


TWAIN for C-Sharp (C#)


TWAIN 2.3 Features
TWAIN 2.3 Specification
TWAIN 2.3 Header File


Twacker - The Twacker is a TWAIN application, it allows the user to exercise features of a TWAIN driver, and can be used to understand how a driver is working or to identify potential problems.

Twack_32.msi, Twack_64.msi

Missing Language File Installer - This fix isapplicable for application programs written in PowerPC code to work with Twain on some versions of OS X 10.6 on intel Macs. Application programs written in Intel code does not have a problem.


TWAIN DSM Installer File for Mac OSX


The Archive contains previous versions of the TWAIN Specification and items of historical interest.