Self Certification Process 

Self-Certification Process

The TWAIN Self-Certification system helps developers validate their Data Source’s support of the basic interface described by the TWAIN Specification. Passing the test confirms that the Data Source's interface works as expected with applications, leading to a better user experience.

Basic TWAIN Self-Certification exercises aspects of the TWAIN interface that all Data Sources are required to support. Passing these tests confirms that a Data Source responds correctly to commands sent by an application, and that it does not crash or hang. The TWAIN interface is a programmatic contract between an application and a Data Source, this interface is described by the TWAIN Specification.

A company's product that successfully passes the TWAIN Self-Certification test may display the TWAIN Certified™ Logo. To apply for and achieve certification, please follow these basic steps:

  1. Download the attached document describing the certification process. CLICK HERE to download your copy of the TWAIN Self-Certification Process for Data Sources (PDF) and then complete the on-line form.
  2. Select a self-certification testing tool.
  3. Upon successful completion of your certification testing, submit your online form to display your entry on our list of Certified Drivers (from Step 1 above).

You will receive an email with the TWAIN Certified Logo and a link to your new entry after it is submitted.